BearPaw Design Co.


What We Do

What exactly is “design and branding”? Design and branding are two completely different things that work hand-in-hand to create the foundation of your company. Design creates the visual representation of your brand, while branding itself is the emotional response to the way that brand looks, works, and acts. It is the public’s perception of your company as a whole, if you will. In terms of the services we provide, they include logo design, website design, package design, marketing materials, and helping to create the overall graphical presence of your company. Our specialties are building brands from the ground up and revitalizing existing brands. We invest time in getting to know you and your company so that we can promote the right message and image necessary to establish you as one of the elite in your industry, which makes us a leader in full-service graphic design.



Nothing helps a small business compete with the big boys like a strategically designed brand for your business applied thoughtfully across your standard marketing materials. BearPaw Design Co. can help you better understand what makes your business special and then create eye-catching marketing materials branded specifically for your business.



 With BearPaw Design Co., you can have a professionally designed and appropriately branded website that just looks like you paid thousands for. Using a popular CMS platform such as Squarespace, we'll completely develop your site leaving you nothing to do but updates.



Apparel Design 

Over the years we've done more and more apparel design. We can design your next idea! We work with a couple local trusted businesses that work hard and do excellent work.